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5 Ways To Practice Self-Love

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which means it's time to plan romantic dates, Galentine plans with your friends, and eat tons of chocolate! And although we tend to focus on romantic love during this month, take a moment to remember that the most important love is self-love.

We have complied a list of five ways you can show yourself some love this month and every month.

1) Have a Moment of Mindfulness: Take a moment (or two) each morning, afternoon or evening to sit in silence. You can practice your breathing or think about what you're grateful for. Having that quiet moment will allow your mind and body to relax.

2) Eat Well and Exercise:Go out for a run or a short walk every day. As you exercise more, your body will need more energy to sustain itself, so focus on eating a well-balanced diet.

3) Do Something You Love: Engage in your favorite hobby or do something as simple as stopping by your favorite ice cream place. Doing something you love will help improve your mood and bring you instant gratification.

4) Make Plans With Friends:Nothing feels better than being in the company of the people you love. Text your best friend and make plans to go out to dinner or invite them over for a movie night.

5) Pamper Yourself:A facial or massage is a great way to relax and show yourself some love. Practice self-care activities that will make you feel good and look your best.

Self-love doesn't happen overnight. But when you incorporate self-love techniques into your daily routine, you will notice an improvement in your mental and physical health.

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